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Freezer problems can be very difficult to deal with, but we realize urgency is of the utmost importance.

When you face an emergency situation, we want you to know that our Denton freezer repair services can come to the rescue. We frequently offer same day repairs!

Our repair services cater to Denton businesses and residents. We frequently work with restaurants, schools, property managers, landlords and more. Our services are available for both periodic maintenance, to maximize appliance durability, and emergency one-off repair tasks. Want to put us on speed dial? Give us a shout to connect and we will gladly become your go-to source for any and all appliance related repairs and maintenance efforts.

We can fix any freezer. Some of the more well-known brand names we have repaired in high volume include Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, LG, Marathon, Maytag and Whirlpool. Our Denton based repair supply shop offers parts for all freezers - including various commercial units. If your repair requires any new parts, we will gladly go get them without upcharging or billing any travel expenses. Seriously, we do not scalp our clients; there are no hidden fees that will appear on your bill.

You can schedule an appointment over the phone. We will promptly make an appearance and troubleshoot your appliance. We will give a pretty precise estimate for what the repair will run you, which is based on the anticipated cost of the part(s) required for the repair and the time spent by our technician to make it happen. You can reject the offer and pay only a small service call fee or proceed with it and just pay for parts and labor.

Give us a chance to help out. Call (940) 239-9790 to book your appointment!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

When should you officially decide that it is time to replace your freezer? Most models will last for 10 years or more without causing any real trouble. The main issue that comes up with age is louder operation which is often due to failing internal parts. The repairs can be a little costly but freezers are not finicky appliances. You can certainly get away with paying for repairs instead of replacing the unit - for much longer than you would with, say, a fridge or stove. Even so, after 10 years or more you can certainly question whether to upgrade.


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