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Get dishwasher repair assistance from a trusted Denton based repair team.

Who are we? We are a crew of appliance repair technicians. We're all fully licensed and also insured. We hold one of the best reputations in Denton TX for both commercial and residential repairs. We are known not only for our quality of work and professionalism, but also for our better prices.

Are you a commercial client? If so, please know that we can be by your side both for emergency repairs and for scheduled maintenance runs. We know it's important to keep all of your appliances working well, especially given how heavily most commercial units get used each day. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a commercial dishwasher or any other commercial appliances that need to be serviced or fixed.

We provide straightforward pricing. Your repair price is the amount that your parts cost plus the amount we want to be compensated for the provided labor. We forward the same price for your replacement parts as what we pay our suppliers. We respect the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide which ensures we provide only the fairest labor rates possible.

Every repair starts with a phone call. You let us know when you are free and we figure out a time to have a technician visit you. We diagnose your appliance at that time and give you a written quote. Decide on the spot whether you want to follow through with the repair; we will start right away if given the approval. If you do not want to get it done, we will just charge a diagnostics fee.

Looking to get your dishwasher diagnosed? Phone (940) 239-9790 to book!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Dishwashing machines can run into troubles at times but when this happens you should act fast. One major issue is when dishes come out dirty. This might happen for various reasons, but a few common causes we notice include clogged spraying arms and drain cycle malfunctioning. We see dirt and grime plug up the spray arm holes which shoot out water, which results in an inadequate rinse cycle. When it comes to problems with draining, generally the cycle is either not activating (computer issue) or the water is not adequately draining (clog issue).


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