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Is your fridge not working the way it used to?

Running into temperature imbalance issues, weird noises or even periodic leaking? Any situation should be examined and fixed up as soon as it's noticed to prevent further damage. If you've noticed signs of trouble in your fridge, speak up and get a professional diagnosis done right away - it just might save you from major repair costs in the near future.

We're the go-to choice for any appliance related repair. Our clients are made up of Denton TX local businesses and people. We regularly work with restaurants, schools and other organizations, property managers, landlords, etc. Our services can be made available for on-call solutions and regular ongoing maintenance, just let us know your needs. We will make sure you are set up with us and prepared for any appliance crisis before it happens.

We fix and service refrigerators from all different manufacturers. Our local parts sources have a variety of options including parts for even the most obscure models. We're capable of picking up any refrigerator part on your behalf - plus, we do not bill you for this or mark-up the cost of the parts.

You can contact us to coordinate a date and time for your troubleshooting appointment. During this visit, we will identify the cause of the issue and determine which parts need to be replaced. We will provide you with an estimate for this repair job based on the labor needed and the parts required to make it happen. If you do not want to move forward, we will bill a small amount for our technician coming out to diagnose the unit.

Ready to get started? Dial (940) 239-9790 and speak with us now!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

We often receive phone calls from local clients when their refrigerator suddenly starts to act up and make weird noises. These sound issues are pretty easy to diagnose overall. However, you might need to get inside of your fridge and we recommend you leave these troubleshooting tasks to a professional. One problem you could check for is a door seal issue; it's possible that your fridge keeps running because air is escaping through a break in the door seal. If this is the issue, you won't need a professional's help and you could easily replace it on your own.


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